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The band has taken the time to put together a well crafted live show, we also take notice of the genre(s) and demographic(s) that your venue/event represents.

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As a band with experience booking and managing it’s own studio time, gigs, tours, etc., we understand the importance of advertising and promotion for an event/venue, as well as for the band itself. Once booked, the band works tirelessly to make sure that any event is a grand success, and that attendance is maximized for public events.

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Heart & Crown Pubs, D’arcy McGee’s Pubs, The British Public House, St. Louis Bar and Grill, Barley Mow, Fatboys Smokehouse, The Rainbow Bistro and many more!

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Country/Rock Live Entertainment from The National Capital Region

The Young Bucks are a live band which plays a wide variety of music, spanning mostly from Rock to Country. As multi-­instrumentalists, the band's members are capable of adapting to any gig specification, whether it be a full band ensemble, an Acoustic trio or an Acoustic duo. Available for booking at Bars, Restaurants and establishments of that variety, The Young Bucks also are capable of playing at Private Events. Whether it be a wedding, a work function, or any sort of celebration, The Young Bucks will work with you to make your event unforgettable.

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Vocalist and Bassist
Randy Frobel (of the band We Were Sharks) has experience being an energetic frontman playing to crowds of thousands at festivals like Amnesia Rockfest, Vans Warped Tour and many more.


Guitars and backup vocals
Rory Mayhew (Guitars, backup vocals) has played guitar, bass, banjo and other instruments for many different groups both in the studio and live.


Vocals and Drums
Mitchell Chevrier (Vocals and drums) has spent many years playing drums and singing both live and in the studio for different Indie, Rock and Country bands in the Ottawa and Montreal area.


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